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jayne will beat you with his fists

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Playing Jolene Epilogue. PG.

Playing Jolene: Epilogue

Author: bloodyfandom
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Pairings: Mal/Jayne
Archive: Answer is probably yes, but ask anyway
Rating: PG
Author's notes: It took me...oh, god. Years. But I have finally finished posting this.
Summary: The End.

Pt 1. I Had To Have This Talk With You. Mal/Jayne, Mal/Inara implied. NC-17
Pt 2. Let Me Kiss You. Mal/Jayne, Mal/Inara implied. NC-17
Pt 3. Something Happened That I Never Understood. Mal/Jayne. Mal/Inara implied. R.
Pt 4. There's No Reason To Pretend. Mal/Jayne. Mal/Inara implied. R.
Pt 5. Nothing To Lose. Mal/Jayne, Mal/Inara implied. NC-17.
Pt 6. Pretty When I Lie. Mal/Jayne, Mal/Inara. R.

They're standing at the edge of the territory, looking out over the land before them. The land they just purchased with the money Jayne had secretly been squirreling away ever since he noticed the wisps of grey in Mal's hair turning into streaks. The wind comes up from the valley, a great gust that rushes over the ridge and shakes the branches of the trees. There's a small farm down the overgrown road and a real forest fighting to overtake the neglected wheatfields. A few cows are wandering around a paddock with a few horses and Mal lays a hand on Jayne's shoulder.

"You tired of runnin', Jayne?"

Jayne looks at him, inspecting his face carefully.


Mal smiles and heads down towards the road.



SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I can't tell you how much I've loved this story.

Jayne has always been my favorite character on Firefly. I thought he had the most defined story arc, much closer to the Han Solo journey than Mal's.

Inara is my least favorite, but I think you handled her very deftly. She's never shrill in the story. Rather, she comes off as confused and drunk on her power over Mal. In the (very) end, she's gracious and steady as she finally understands what's best for her and Mal.

Thank you for keeping at it.
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June 2016

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